SKU: KR9210
A compact, sturdy robot that can be programmed in 3 different ways, making it suitable for all ages. Edison is your new robot buddy who will teach you about electronics, programing and robotics in a fun and engaging way. He�s equipped with all the sensors, outputs and motors needed to introduce you to the amazing world of robotics. Once you�ve learned all about Edison�s abilities, sensors and controls you can move on to programming him. FOR BEGINNERS Edison has a barcode scanner to activate one of six inbuilt programs, including line following, clap controlled driving and obstacle avoidance. FOR INTERMEDIATE: EdBlocks is a drag-and-drop block based programming language and can run in a browser. EdWare is the next level up from EdBlocks, with the simplicity of drag-and-drop & more features. FOR ADVANCED: EdPy is the hardcore programming option for those who want to take their Edison to the limit. Requires 4xAAA batteries (not included)
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