LENNOX Turntable BCD120

LENNOX Turntable BCD120



Our Bluetooth Turntable makes a beautiful addition to any home or office. Its sleek, classic exterior hosts many playback options, including Bluetooth compatibility, 3-speed turntable, front-loading CD player, cassette, AM/FM radio, AUX-in and USB.


This full-size, 3-speed turntable plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM – so you can enjoy all types of your records. The auto-return metal tonearm will protect the stylus from over-wear and allow a peace-of-mind without worrying about continuous dead air playing over the platter. The included counterweight for the metal tonearm assures the stylus will track the grooves correctly without causing any stress or damage to the record, all while providing the best quality sound. It’s powerful 8 watt speaker-system produces clear and rich sound, ready for your next home-gathering in the lounge or a relaxing evening by the fireplace.


With options to record from Bluetooth, vinyl, cassette, AUX and USB to CD; or to record from Bluetooth, vinyl, cassette, AUX and CD to USB – this modern turntable can safely preserve and store your classics. The included remote control provides full access to the music centre from anywhere in the room and also assists in recording your audio files.


Through your nostalgic record collection, all the way to your favorite and latest hits on your smartphone and tablet, this Bluetooth Turntable plays it all.

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