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Krix mx-30

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  • Want real cinema at home? Krix are bringing the cinema experience closer with the release of this uniquely designed modular screen speaker system.

    The MX-30 is the bigger brother of the MX-20, providing more output for larger rooms. It is designed to be installed behind an acoustically transparent screen, just like the speakers in a commercial cinema. They create a wall of sound directly from the picture, so everyone gets the full movie experience and impact. You don't need to take up big floor space for big sound - 335mm from your front wall is all that is required to bring the cinema experience to your room, with the added aesthetic benefit of concealing the front sound stage including the subwoofers.

    Every aspect of this modular design has been scrutinised to deliver the most faithful reproduction of movie soundtracks, they feature true commercial cinema components. Krix patented horn technology provides exceptionally flat frequency response and precise pattern control - just like you hear at the movies. Huge dynamic range means you will hear the quietest of whispers right before a huge explosion - movies will come to life!

    The Krix Infinite Baffle Wall has been installed in cinemas since the early 1980's for good reason. Minimising reflections and alleviating sound leakage behind the screen, the MX-30 utilises this proven concept, featuring thick acoustic absorption material to ensure the energy projects powerfully into the room and straight to your seat!

    With big, immersive sound you want a big, immersive picture. The MX-30 is expandable to any screen size you choose with the use of low frequency absorption spacer modules. Starting at 130" for 16:9 and 120" for scope screens, you can be assured that the screen size you choose will have a ground-breaking soundstage to match. Combined with the matching surround speakers that best suit the room space and design, Krix can truly deliver the excitement, presence and impact of “real cinema at home”.


  • System Recommendations  Recommended Room Depth5m - 14mMin. Screen Size 16:9130" (2880mm x 1620mm)Minimum Screen Size 21:9120" (2806mm x 1184mm) MX-30 LCR Speakers  Frequency Range38Hz - 16kHz (-10dB)Power Handling IEC AES350 WattsPower Handling Program700 WattsSensitivity98dB SPL - 2.83V at 1mImpedance8 OhmsBass Driver(s)Low Frequency - Single 380mm (15") high stiffness paper cone driver with 77mm (3") voice coil of optimal length for increased linear excursion, wound on high temperature apical former and powerful vented magnet assembly designed for low distortionHigh Frequency DriverA Krix patented designed 90º x 40º short throw horn driven by a compression driver with a 1" throat 1¾" edge-wound aluminium voice coil and Nomex formerEnclosure TypeBass reflex, front ventedDimensions1220mm high x 335mm deep (Please see brochure for full width)

    MX-30 Subwoofer
       Frequency Range25Hz - 500Hz (-10dB)Power Handling IEC AES700 WattsPower Handling Program1400 WattsSensitivity100dB SPL - 2.83V at 1mImpedance8 OhmsBass Driver(s)Single 455mm (18”) paper cone driver. 100mm (4”) edge-wound copper voice coil, dual spider assembly and vented magnet assemblyEnclosure TypeBass reflex, front vented, heavily bracedDimensions1220mm high x 335mm deep (Please see brochure for full width)



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