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Uniden GSHC 3000 - Outdoor & Indoor Kit

Uniden GSHC 3000 - Outdoor & Indoor Kit


  • $59900

GSHC 3000 - Outdoor & Indoor Kit

Smart Home Control Monitoring System - Monitor and Secure Your Home, Doors, Windows and be alerted via your Smartphone

Introducing Uniden's latest range in surveillance, the Smart Home Control system is an innovative technology to complement your home, allowing you to wirelessly monitor and control the security of your home, making you feel safe for you and your family.

The Outdoor & Indoor Kit includes magnetic sensors for doors and windows, and an indoor siren. The Outdoor & Indoor Kit also includes a HD Internal Camera and Outdoor Weatherproof^ Camera.

The Outdoor Weatherproof Camera is great for driveway, outdoor areas where capturing and viewing footage is critical.

The gateway hub acts as the control room which sends and receives signals from the sensors, sirens and cameras. At the touch of a button, the key remote control can arm and disarm the home, and begin filming on cameras connected to the system. The future-proof system can also be expanded with additional sensors, cameras and sirens, making it the perfect DIY surveillance solution for virtually any home.

The Internal HD Camera has a walkie talkie function, allowing users to communicate on the indoor camera and outdoor camera via Guardian Home app using their smartphone or tablet.

Uniden's Guardian Home app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets provides users with greater flexibility and control. The app enables homeowners to logon remotely to view footage in real-time, monitor movements and even set off sirens to deter intruders. When sensor or siren is triggered, users are notified via alerts sent to the Guardian Home app and their assigned e-mail address.

Users can set-up multiple scenarios via the Guardian Home app to suit their preferences. For instance, create automated settings to begin recording on cameras and set off sirens when unauthorised entry is detected inside or outside.

Ideal For Home or Business
Home Setup

Key Features
HD 720p
See & Hear - Weatherproof + HD Indoor Cameras
Night Vision
Free Guardian Home App available for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® and Android™
Secure & Interference Free
24/7 Surveillance
Push Notifications & Email Alerts
Record & Watch Recorded Files Remotely on your Smartphone
Box Contents Includes:
1 x Gateway Hub
3 x Magnetic Sensors for Doors/Windows
1 x Infrared Motion Sensor (PIR)
2 x Remote Control
1 x Indoor Siren
1 x App Cam 24* HD Indoor Camera
1 x App Cam 25* HD Weatherproof Camera



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