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Uniden XDECT®R005

Uniden XDECT®R005


  • $9995

  • XDECT ® Repeater (R)Series Repeater Station and Handset

    Introducing the new X Factor in Cordless Phone Technology, the XDECT R Series – The Genuine Long Range Repeater Series. The XDECT Repeater Series is exclusive to Uniden and provides even better distance performance with Up to 8 times the Talking Range.

    The XDECT Repeater Series of Cordless Phones is the new benchmark in the cordless phone industry with the inclusion of a Diversity Antenna System giving unprecedented coverage and optimal reception and clarity by mitigating multi-path errors. The High Gain Antenna allows for greater range and to eliminate dropout areas in your home by extending the coverage and extended range or distance for multi-storey homes and business applications like Factories, Farms and Warehouses where distance is critical. This coverage is achieved by utilising Repeater Stations that communicate with the main phone base. Each time an additional Repeater Station is added to the system, it acts as a transmission point so that the signal can be re-transmitted even further distances. This increases the phone’s talking range and coverage dramatically. This phone will go the distance!

    Designed and engineered in Japan for the world launch in the Australian and New Zealand where distance is everything. The Design has been derived from Cutting Edge American DECT 6.0 Technology. Uniden's XDECT R005 has been purpose built for Australia and New Zealand. Ideal for high-density urban living - the XDECT range is wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly meaning the cordless phone will not interfere with other wireless networks in the surrounding area.

    The XDECT R Series features a Repeater Station built into each additional handset charging base, allowing you to extend the range and coverage from the main base by daisy chaining the signal to each additional repeater station. The Digital Duplex Speakerphone on the handset and base makes hands free communication a breeze. The XDECT R is a 2 Line Capable Cordless Phone, ideal for people wanting one phone line for Home and one phone line for Business. The XDECT Repeater Series has 7 Way Handset Conferencing (4 Handsets + Base + 2 outside Calls). The handset also features Intercom/Announce Call Transfer. This system is also Multi Handset Capable (3 Handsets Included).

    The XDECT Repeater Series other stand-out features aimed at providing the user with enhanced control over incoming phone calls. Through activation of a new Call Block feature - a cordless phone first - When call block is on and the incoming number matches a number in the blocker memory. The phone will answer the call and announce "no one is available to take your call" then hang up. In addition, the integrated digital answering machine offers a Do Not Disturb function, allowing the ringer on the handset and the base to be muted at once.

    The XDECT R005 is an additional handset only and works in conjunction with the XDECT R0XX series


  • Key Features

    • XDECT Digital Technology Phone System
    • Designed and Engineered in Japan
    • Extended Coverage
    • Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly
    • Diverstiy Antenna System for Optimal Reception and Clarity
    • High Gain Antenna
    • Design Derived from Cutting Edge American DECT 6.0 Technology
    • Integrated Digital Answering Machine with Remote Access and Do Not Disturb Function
    • Call Block

    Advanced LCD & Caller ID Display

    • 4 Line Backlit Full Dot Matrix LCD Display 
    • POP ID – Caller Name Identification 
    • Alpha Display Caller ID 
    • 100 Phonebook Memories ( Shared between Caller ID* and Phonebook) on Each Handset and Base – Each Phonebook entry can store 2 Phone Numbers
    • 8 Individual Caller Polyphonic Tone Allocations 
    • Caller ID (Type 1 & Type 2) 
    • 2 Line Capable Cordless Phone (Ideal for people wanting One Phone Line for Home and One for Business

    Multi Handset Capabilities

    • 1 Handset Included
    • Intercom / Announce Call Transfer
    • 7 Way Handset Conferencing (4 Handsets + 2 Outside Call)
    • Blue Backlit LCD Display on Base and Handset
    • Polyphonic Ring Tones
    • Digital Duplex Speakerphone on Handset and Base
    • Hearing Aid CompatibleOptional Additional Handset: XDECT R005
  • Additional Features:

    • Talk Time: 10 Hours
    • Standby Time: 7 Days
    • Battery Capacity: DC 2.4V, 500mAH
    • Wall/Desk Mountable
    • Dimensions: 180mm (H) X 225mm (W) X 105mm (D)


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